Your aircrafts in the hands of who really understand

ASD department (Aircraft Shipping Division) has specialized professionals to service specific aeronautical market.

With extensive experience in the international transport of fixed-wing aircraft or rotary wing, ASD acts through a specific technical and logistics according to the needs of each client. We have a policy of ensuring wide coverage integrity and security to property transported from beginning to end of the operation.

AGS Holding is synonymous and reference quality, experience and reliability in transport aircraft.

Please find some of our ASD differences:

  • 15 years of experience;
  • Special Licenses transport;
  • International insurance;
  • International shipping;
  • Tailored solutions;
  • Planning and managing optimized;
  • Tracking and trace system;
  • Special Packaging;
  • Globe scope;
  • AOG Service;
  • Operational Center 24.7.

For more complex projects, our department with extensive experience and resources will attend your special needs. Meet the Special Projects Division – SPD clicking here.