AGS Holding

There, it’s here.

In a world of increasingly close borders, globalization has provided an expanding market which, in turn, also brought greater competitiveness between companies demanding higher quality in products and services offered. Between this scenario, we have built a solid portfolio, especially for an objective and efficient performance, always able to meet the needs of its customers.

Headquartered in Brazil, AGS Holding controls a chain of six companies operating in the complete management of logistics services around the globe through an extensive assistance provided by a highly trained team, who has nearly two decades of expertise.

We are driven by entrepreneurship, innovation and challenge. So AGS Holding owns companies with expertise to create effective connections between source and destination and is ready to face and overcome great challenges.

“…. From dreams to the needs, from the objects of desire to the business perspectives, from the product to the information, AGS Holding always finds the best solution to interconnect these universes …”

Our history

A journey of excellence

Founded in São Paulo state by businessman Mr. Alexander Gulla, AGS Holding is one of the most recognized companies of aircrafts transport and international logistics market, ensuring security and credibility to customers in all four points of the world. Since its founding, the AGS Holding has acquired a strong world-wide recognition and a steady growth and groundbreaking in its area of operation. In 1999, when the businessman Mr. Alexander Gulla founded AGS did not imagine the proportion that his enterprise could achieve. Gradually the company realized the need for specialization and a structure that offered the lowest risk-security through a range of services themselves, without any outsourcing. And so, over the years, each company was strategically to meet and satisfy the needs of its customers.

Today, with flexibility to customer needs, closeness in relationships and high performance, the AGS Holding has consolidated working through 5 companies that separately or jointly seek maximum efficiency for your business. Here are the companies: AGS Holding, AGS Cargo, AGS Logística, UP Insurance and Gulls Trading.

Our brand

“…. Since they invented the wheel, man has been perfecting ways to get around and to transport their goods faster and more safely. This evolution comes from the desire to break the barriers of time and space, beyond the boundaries that separate them from their goals and their dreams. A desire to have at your fingertips all over the world, and turn there, no matter how distant, in here … ”

From this premise we seek to develop a brand that emphasizes the positive values of identity and AGS adds to these contemporary values and brand positioning There, its Here. This is the AGS recognized by people today, ready for the future.

As the positioning of the company, AGS Holding believes that there is no distance that cannot be covered, no extremes that cannot be approached, even when those that bind the company we were yesterday to what will be tomorrow.




Closeness in relationships: AGS has a philosophy of proximity to its customers, making sure that they know who they are talking, creating a personalized service that creates more trust and respect for people.


Solidity: many years of expertise and a structure that brings total security with respect to technical, professional and structural quality offered by AGS to their customers.


High performance: ability to solve customer needs in a fast, effective, ethical and safe way, finding the best value for each case.

Our reason

for being

Approach the extremes with safety and excellence in service.



Be the leader in the segment, being recognized worldwide for best service, best solution, best approaching, and extreme people.